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  • OEM Manufacturer
    SEESUO supports OEM manufacturing by producing products according to the designs and specifications provided by the client. We strictly adhere to commercial confidentiality principles to protect the client's brand and privacy.
  • ODM Manufacturer
    SEESUO has extensive research and development experience and high-quality production management capabilities. We can develop and manufacture products specifically for our clients' brands according to their needs.
  • Customized production
    SEESUO offers highly customized product research and development and manufacturing services with a flexible production model. We are able to meet the small-batch customized production needs of some high-end clients.
  • R&D cooperation
    SEESUO is capable of adapting to the rapidly changing market demands and can collaborate with customers in research and development. We invest resources in R&D to meet customers' specialized requirements and build a strong brand moat.
Shenzhen seesuo technology co., ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the field of communication. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Bao'an District, Shenzhen. The company focuses on the research, design, and sales of core equipment and general accessories in the field of network communication. It provides global customers with one-stop supply of communication equipment, general accessories, and system solutions, offering cost-effective communication solutions to customers. The company's main business revolves around three major areas: optical fiber backbone, FTTX fiber to the home, and data center. It provides one-stop solutions to help customers quickly meet their communication business needs. The main products of the company include optical cables, patch cords, optical modules, fiber optic jumpers, PLC boxes, OLT, ONU, ODF fiber distribution frame, fiber optic splice closure, network cabinets, and other products.
SEESUO's products have obtained certification certificates from multiple markets, including CE, FC, CB, REACH, UL, ROHS, and others.
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  • Benjamin
    The compatibility is absolutely amazing! And can you believe it? It's so much cheaper than the original modules, but works just the same! Oh my goodness, how on earth did they manage to do that? Why didn't I find out about this sooner? It's mind-blowing!
  • ประสิทธิ์
    I used to buy locally for my construction projects, but this time I tried purchasing optical modules overseas. So far, they are working well and I am satisfied. This has helped me reduce my costs.
  • Rio de Janeiro
    I found this company online and purchased some optical modules to distribute in my country. So far, none of the customers I sold to have encountered any issues. I will continue to observe for a while. If everything continues to go well, I believe we will continue to cooperate.
  • Zainab
    I have purchased it to be used on Cisco switches, and there is no compatibility issue.
  • แท่น Thaeng
    The optical module has been received, and everything is working fine on the Huawei S12700. There have been no alarms or error messages.