FTTX solution
SEESUO provides comprehensive FTTx solutions that cover a range of services including HSI, VoIP, IPTV, Wi-Fi, and Mobile Backhaul. These solutions are extensively applied to various scenarios such as public home networks, commercial buildings, enterprise dedicated lines, video, mobile backhaul, hotspot coverage, network upgrades and transformations, as well as rural informatization projects, serving operators and government-enterprise networks both domestically and internationally.
  • Full-service Compatibility
    The FTTx solutions are compatible with a wide range of services, ensuring seamless integration with existing and future technologies.
  • Low Latency Response
    Engineered for swift data transmission, the solutions provide low latency, enhancing performance for time-sensitive applications.
  • Flexible Deployment and Upgrades
    The architecture supports flexible deployment and easy scalability, adapting to growing demands without disruptive overhauls.
  • High Security
    The solutions prioritize robust security measures to safeguard network integrity and protect against emerging cyber threats.
  • Stable system architecture
    Fully distributed router architecture with embedded NP, facilitating easy upgrades and expansion.
  • Coexistence of Three Generations of Technology
    GPON, 10G PON, and 50G PON coexist on the same network, platform, and even on a single board.。
  • Coverage for Multiple Scenarios
    Supports a variety of FTTx scenarios, meeting deployment needs in complex environments.
  • One-Stop Product Service
    Provides a complete range of FTTx products, ensuring timely delivery, maintenance, and comprehensive network design services.
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