CWDM network solution
With the continuous growth in data transmission demands, the CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) solution has emerged, utilizing multiple different wavelengths of light signals transmitted over the same optical fiber to expand network bandwidth, meeting the market's demand for cost-effectiveness and flexibility.
  • Wavelength Selection and Management
    Proper allocation and management of different wavelength resources.Requires precise wavelength control and dynamic wavelength allocation technology.
  • Transmission Distance and Loss
    Extending transmission distance while maintaining low loss. Requires low-loss optical fibers and optimized optical path design.
  • Network Compatibility and Scalability
    Ensuring compatibility with existing network equipment and architecture while supporting future network expansion. Requires standardized interfaces and modular design.
  • Cost Control
    Balancing network performance improvement with cost control.Requires balancing technology selection and cost-effectiveness.
  • Flexible Wavelength Configuration
    Supports various wavelength combinations to meet different network requirements.Provides customized wavelength configuration solutions to optimize network performance.
  • Low-Loss Optical Fiber Technology
    Reduces signal attenuation and extends transmission distance.Uses high-quality optical fibers and connectors to reduce system loss.。
  • Strong Compatibility Equipment Design
    Seamlessly integrates with existing network equipment and architecture. Provides standardized interfaces and modules to simplify network expansion and upgrades.
  • Cost-Effective Solution
    Controls costs without sacrificing performance. Offers affordable products through optimized design and manufacturing processes.
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