Our history
  • 2017
    The company was established in Shenzhen
    October 2017
  • 2018
    Establishing FTTX product production and supply chain.
    The company has developed and provided products such as optical modules, jumper cables, optical cables, and sheathed cables based on FTTX user demands. It has successfully entered the Southeast Asian market and gained the trust of a group of users.
  • 2019
    Establishing a supply chain for database server room products.
    Through supply chain integration, the company conducts research and development and expands production to meet the demands of database server rooms. It provides a range of products for database server rooms and has achieved market breakthroughs in both domestic and European and American markets.
    September 20
  • 2020
    The company initiates internal digital transformation.
    SEESUO, through the development of an in-house management system, integrates various areas such as factories, procurement, sales, administration, and human resources to achieve data interoperability and online data management. This system integrates multiple functions such as OA, ERP, and CRM, successfully helping the company improve efficiency, save labor costs, and achieve cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.
    September 20
  • 2021
    Promote personnel specialization and process standardization, establish R&D and quality certification systems.
    The company has established a comprehensive training system and implemented process planning in the internal management system. Additionally, a sound R&D and quality system has been established.
    September 20
  • 2022
    Establish an online multi-channel marketing system and regional sales system.
    Focus on addressing online marketing issues to reach a larger user base. Simultaneously, adjust the internal sales system by transforming regional sales into a separate responsible system, bringing sales services closer to the local market.
    September 20
  • 2023
    Successfully established connections with customers from over 100 countries.
    Successfully established connections with customers from over 100 countries, achieved win-win cooperation with 3000 customers, and successfully established a complete supply chain centered around FTTX and data server rooms, realizing one-stop supply in the communication industry.
    September 20
Every moment of SEESUO's growth
Since its establishment, SEESUO has been committed to becoming a one-stop communication product provider with reliable quality, competitive prices, and excellent service. We deeply understand the importance of building a talented team for the company's growth. We strive to create an efficient, professional, and scientifically-oriented workforce. This helps us in responding quickly to customer needs, agile product development, efficient customer service, ensuring product quality, and saving management costs. Our team always puts customers first, continuously improving and enhancing to achieve the company's sustainable development.