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Single Mode 12 Cores Fiber Optic Pigtails
Fiber Type
Connector Type
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Fiber pigtail refers to a half-jumper-like connector used to connect fiber and fiber couplers. It includes a jumper connector and a length of fiber.SEESUO can supply FTTH drop cable pigtails which are made from standard FTTH drop cables. The FTTH drop cable Pigtails are terminated with fiber optic connectors on both ends. It is really easy and convenient to operate in FTTH Buildings; you just need to push the connector to the Adapters.

SEESUO provides 12 colorful bulk fiber pigtails. The fiber pigtail is ususally using 0.9mm fiber cable. The cable can be 12 colors.

Nomal Pigtails:

● End-Face Type: PC/UPC/APC

●Fiber Diameter: 0.9mm, 2.0mm or 3.0mm

● Available for simplex and duplex

● The outer jacket can be PVC、LSZH、Armored etc

● Available for different connectors: SC, LC, FC, ST, MPO,MTP,MU,DIN,D4,E2K etc

● Fiber Type: Single mode fiber G652D, G657A1 and G657A2, Multimode fiber OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 are available

● Low insertion loss and high return loss, high dense connection, easy for operation

● Customer lengths and connectors are available upon request

Installed LC, SC, FC or ST connector at the one end of the cable, the become a pigtail. Our colorful bulk pigtails is with low insertion loss, IEC, TIA/EIA, Telcordia compliant.

We offer customized fiber optic cable lengths and jacket colors.

Customized Fan-Out Pigtail Cable Single Mode 6 12 Cores 9/125um Lc Lszh

Ribbon Bare Fiber Pigtail is produced by 12 colors 250um ribbon bare fiber whic is assembled SC/UPC at the one end.

Fiber optic pigtails are divided into single-mode and multi-mode fibers. The wavelength of the multi-mode pigtail is 850 wavelengths, and the transmission distance is 500m. The color of the single-mode pigtail is yellow, and the wavelength is 1310m and 1550m, and the transmission distance is 10km and 40km.

The application of fiber pigtails:

The connector of the bulk fiber optic cable is a device for detachable connection between the optical fiber and the optical fiber. It precisely butts the two end faces of the optical fiber so that the optical signal output by the transmitting optical fiber can be coupled to the receiving optical fiber to the maximum extent. And reduce its intervention in the optical link and minimize the impact on the system, which is the basic requirement of the bulk fiber optic cable connector. Bulk fiber optic cable are widely used in FTTH access network, telecommunication network, local area network, fiber optic CATV and many test equipment manufacturers. It is realized by providing manageability, flexibility and scalability. Data center management at the physical layer.


  • High-performance single-mode fiber core, easy to splicing

  • Small optical loss, faster and more stable data transmission

  • Low insertion loss, high insertion and removal times

  • One-piece process, high toughness long wire end, anti-bending

  • Reducing weakening, no breakage


lTelecommunication Network

lFiber Broad Band Network

lCATV system

lLAN and WAN system




Item Specifications
Connector SC / FC / LC / ST
Insertion Loss ≤0.3dB / ≤0.2dB
Return Loss SM: UPC≥50dB, APC≥60dB; MM: UPC≥25dB
Repeatability ≤0.2dB
Insertion & Removal 1000 times
Bending Radius Static: 20D, Dynamic: 10D
Working Wavelength 1310nm ~ 1550nm
Working Temperature -20 ~ +70°C
Optical Fiber SM / OM1 / OM2 / OM3 / OM4 / OM5
Length (m) 0.5 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 10 / Customized
Outer Diameter (mm) 0.9 / 2.0 / 3.0
Cable Jacket PVC / LSZH / TPU / Customized


Use cases:

Pigtails may be used in telecommunication networks, cell tower equipment, LAN \WAN, CATV, FTTH, etc.

Different outer sheath materials meet your different wiring requirements

The main difference between these materials is their fire-retardant properties, with LSZH offering the highest level of fire protection and OFNR being suitable for indoor riser applications. Additionally, LSZH has lower smoke emission and toxicity in case of burning compared to PVC, making it a preferred choice for sensitive environments like data centers and hospitals.

This is a high-quality singlemode, OS2, 9/125 fiber optic pigtail with SC/UPC connectors. Fiber optic pigtails are ideal for fusion splicing. These pigtails provide the optical performance, sturdiness, and repeatability required for modern network applications by combining quality zirconia ferrules with tough composite hardware. They are quality tested to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards while adhering to only the most stringent performance specifications.

SEESUO, Inc.'s simplex and duplex fiber pigtails are available with different fiber counts (commonly 1, 6 and 12) and come in various colors. Our fiber optic pigtails are available with LC, SC, FC, and ST connectors with a typical 0.9mm outer diameter cable.  We also offer jacketed and unjacketed types.


Use of pigtails

1. The pigtail avoids the loop as much as possible during use, which can reduce the attenuation of the optical signal during transmission.

2. The optical module connected to the pigtail must be matched with the pigtail fiber. The shortwave optical module must be connected to the multimode pigtail. The longwave optical module must be connected to the singlemode jumper to ensure the accuracy of data transmission.

3. The pigtail connector should be kept clean. After use, the connector should be protected and sealed with a protective sleeve to prevent oil, dust and mechanical damage.

4、Before use, the tail fiber ceramic ferrule and the ferrule end face cotton must be wiped clean with alcohol.

5. When there is damage to the pigtail caused by man-made or other factors, replace the damaged jumper in time.

Versatile Applications of Bulk Fiber Optic Pigtails in Modern Communication Networks

Bulk fiber optic pigtails are essential for establishing efficient and reliable connections between fiber optic cables and equipment across a wide range of industries. They find applications in telecommunications, data centers, broadcasting, security systems, industrial automation, and healthcare etc. These fiber optic pigtails provide high-speed and low-latency communication, immunity to electromagnetic interference, and enable the transmission of high-resolution images and videos over long distances. The versatility, speed, and reliability of bulk fiber optic pigtails make them integral components of modern communication networks.

Improved Fusion Splicing Efficiency with Optical Fiber's Enhanced Bending Properties

The bulk fiber optic pigtails that utilize G657 optical fiber offer enhanced bending properties, making them well-suited for splicing applications. The G657 optical fiber has been specifically designed to withstand tighter bends without compromising optical performance. When used in bulk fiber optic pigtails, this optical fiber type allows for easier handling during splicing operations, reducing the risk of fiber breakage or signal loss. Its improved bending characteristics enable technicians to maneuver and position the optical fibers more effectively, resulting in reliable and consistent splices. Furthermore, the G657 optical fiber's superior bending performance helps prevent macrobending and microbending effects, ensuring the integrity of the optical signal and promoting long-term performance.


Available for various connectors: SC, LC, FC, ST etc. PC, UPC and APC polishing are available in Zirconia ceramic ferrule. Fiber optical pigtails are jacketed with Kevlar sheath member, aramid yarns and flame-retardant PVC material. Single mode fiber 12 cores G652D 9/125, G655 9/125, G657A1 9/125 and G657A2 9/125 fibers . Multicores 4,6,8,12,24 cores up to 96cores are optional. LSZH, OFNR, OFNP Plenum outer jackets of fiber optic cables are optional . Including General pigtails, bundle pigtails, ribbon pigtails, armored pigtails. 3D interference PASS
Product Model Fiber Counts Fiber Type Connectors End Face Diameter Length Branch Length Outer Jacket
SS-12BD-F-U-P-3 12 G652D FC UPC 0.9mm 2m 1m PVC
SS-12BD-L-U-P-3 12 G652D LC UPC 0.9mm 3m 1m PVC
SS-12BD-L-U-P-3 12 G652D LC UPC 0.9mm 3m 1m PVC
SS-12BA1-S-A-P-3 12 G652A1 SC APC 0.9mm 3m 1m PVC
SS-12BD-F-U-P-3 12 G652D FC UPC 0.9mm 3m 1m PVC
SS-12BD-S-A-L-3 12 G652D SC APC 0.9mm 3m 1m LSZH
  • Single mode fiber patch cords: Low insertion loss UPC/APC≤0.3dB, high return loss UPC≥50dB, APC≥55dB
  • High dense connection, easy for operation
  • Excellent in repeatability and exchangeability
  • High temperature stability between -45 - +80 degrees
  • Every fiber optic bunched fan-out pigtail is 100% tested and guaranteed
  • FTTX solutions
  • Optical Access and distributional Network
  • Datacenter
  • Optical fiber CATV
  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • ODF (Optical Distribution Frame)
  • anti-static bag or plastic bag
  • 20/50pcs per zip lock package
  • Carton Box
  • Specific labels as request
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  • industrial production line
  • adaptive testing
  • data rate testing
  • final inspection
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